Battambang Finale

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Today was officially our last day in Battambang and while we had free time most of the day, we still managed to cram it full. After breakfast, we started off the day by going to church. There was the option of going to the church at the Rescue House or going to the Pastor’s church. It was a tough decision considering that we had to choose between seeing the Rescue House girls again or supporting Winter while she gave her testimony. I chose to go to the Pastor’s church along with about half of the team. I’m not sure what the experience was at the Rescue House service, but I know that our girls that went got to see the girls from our soccer clinic.  At our service, there was worship and singing before Winter spoke. Her testimony was powerful and I choked up a bit. The message was equally moving and emotional. It was a great service and I think that everyone is sad that it will be our last one.

After the service, things got a little bit confusing with the team all split up. Eventually we all met up at Café Eden for a lemon-lime drink. As soon as my group finished their drinks, we left for the market to find a soccer store. Some bought jerseys for themselves or friends and some decided to hold off until the big market in Siem Riep. A lot of girls wanted to continue shopping after that, but my group decided to head back to the house. We had a couple hours before we had to go to our last soccer clinic with the YWAM kids so we just hung out in our room until then.

We got into the tuk-tuks and were at the courtyard of YWAM staff person’s house at 3:00pm for a two hour session of FUN! There were about twelve YWAM staff kids and a couple others from the neighborhood. We put on the Noah’s Ark play first. I had to be an animal this time to switch things up and one of the kids dumped water on my leg. After that, we got into buddies and began the soccer part. My boy wasn’t really focused on soccer and actually running away from the soccer games, riding in circles on a tricycle and messing around in general. The kids had lots of fun, although we were a little tired it was well worth it to see their smiles. At one point, then even led us in a song of “Jesus loves me” and I’m being serious when I say they led us in singing the song. It was cute.

A little after five, we were back at the house and a group of us was going to Aspeca and another to the soccer store at the market. At Aspeca, three of us played soccer the whole time. It was mostly the older, more skilled boys that we were playing against so we got a little competitive but it was a really fun time for us and the kids. Eventually we had to leave to get back in time for dinner. We took a group picture with the soccer kids and said goodbye. It was really sad to say goodbye to these kids today because we knew these were the last Kamai kids we would interact with for a while.

For dinner our cooks prepared a special dinner for us. We had amazing spring rolls, rice-roll-lettuce-wraps (no idea what they’re actually called), and muffins. It was the best meal by far and I, for one, stuffed myself. The cooks had gone above and beyond for our last night and I wish we could even try to express our gratitude to them and the Pastor and his family for housing us, feeding us, and making us feel welcome in their home. Everyone will miss Battambang and everyone in it, and we can’t wait to come back again and see the impact of our time here. Tomorrow it will be hard to leave but we still have so much excitement in store for the next few days. It was so good to be here and I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity twice. I’ll be counting down the days until our next trip. Until next time; bye Battambang.

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