Time for a Little Soccer

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It ended up being a blessing that our summer school soccer training with the Mighty Girls was cancelled all week. We have been able to help several other organizations and make new relationships that we can build on in the coming years. HOWEVER, our girls were really ready for some soccer!

We started the day with homemade Mango jelly on white bread and little bananas. The morning was free until 10:30 so we took the time to sort through all of the crafts and other supplies and divide them into five bins. We will be blessing Jeavitz House, The Rescue House, BrightStart, YWAM and the Pastor’s Family, where we are staying, and the Cooks with craft supplies, cooking supplies, candy and other odds and ends. Thank you to all of you who donated supplies, it truly was a blessing. We have been told numerous times now that the children here don’t have the opportunity to make crafts that often and they really enjoy it. This will give them more materials to use in their various programs.

At 11:00 we went back to the Mighty Girls house for our last English lesson.  The “older girls” (the four leaders who just graduated high school or are in college) worked with the oldest Mighty Girls group whose English is getting very good. They played games like two truths and a lie, etc.  The “younger girls” (which means the girls going into 9-11 grade) worked with the younger Mighty Girls (the younger team of 13-15 year olds that make up the development team. They made bracelets, pine cone spiders and other crafts while they talked about the week. At the end of the hour, they signed T-shirts.  Our Rush Cup 2014 shirts that were donated by Washington Rush have become the shirts that everyone is signing. It will be fun for the girls to look back and read the signatures. They say things like “I like you” and “You’re my friend”.

Lunch today was fried pork chops, rice, pork soup with the meat still on the bones with potatoes, broccoli and carrots, and mango.  We also had fresh bottles of the spicy sweet chili sauce as the other bottles had water added and didn’t have much flavor left.

We had a quick rest and then the younger girls headed to the field at the Battambang airport to play a friendly soccer game with the Mighty Girls. The younger Mighty Girls have improved so much. They were quick and aggressive with great foot skills. We were all proud of their skill level of play.

The older girls headed to the home of the BrightStart Directors to run a soccer camp for their village. There we did a soccer clinic, played a soccer game, hosted some fun water games, told a story about being created special, and sang the song ‘Making Melodies in my Heart’. During the song a few parents that had been watching interact with the kids smiled and slowly moved in near us. I don’t think it was the way we sounded by any means:)

Here are a few stories and letters from today:

“Dear my love,
Thayer, Liz,
Hello! I have enjoyed to know you and your team. I would like to say thank you so much for your teaching me and our girls here and spending your time with me and our girls. I’m so glad that I played football and soccer with you and your team. I have only known you for three days but you are my sister and friend. I hope that one day I will see you again and I hope you come to Cambodia again. I do love you. I wish you love and good health and more beautiful and beautiful. I liked you play soccer and taught our girls here. I really like your smile when you smile it is very very beautiful. I do remember you. May God bless you.
Love, (Name)

Dear Emma and Nataly
I’m (Name) and (Name). I love you so much. I miss you never.
Good luck for you every time and safe
wen you go beak. I don’t want you to go beak
you’re good friend and beautiful girls-
hope to see you soon.
I ❤️ U forever

We had fried chicken and rice for dinner. We also were provided with a fruit that is bright pink with spikes on the outside.  The inside was white and the consistency of a hard grape with a pit in the center. Can you guess what it’s called?

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